Shown: The original Jammer Clutch from Capone Kart Shop
The design that started it all, the original Jammer! The double disc design means more durability and less maintenance -perfect for the Saturday night racer! -original ad text

The double disk clutch pretty much revolutionized the Briggs racing clutch design for four cycle racers in 2001 , although at the time Horstman also made a double disk clutch, often called the "four spring" and later another version that featured six springs, the ultralight Jammer out performed and had a "harder hit" for most racers.

The clutch also featured many new methods of manufacturing and a exchangeable drive gear. The clutch dominated most of the stock classes at the time and can still be found at some tracks still competing. Another model was introduced later that featured a single disk, that performed equally well.

* The Jammer clutch business was purchased a few years later and is still being manufactured in a completely different models -although the newer versions have never found the success that the original "Jammer" from Capone Kart Shop did.

For more gallery shots of the original Jammer clutch and site, click the "original" clutch above!

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